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Contact / Phone: 646-401-2460


Founder and Executive producer Marie Nahon has founded Intermix Creatives. With ten years of experiences on producing videos and photos in Los Angeles, New York and Paris. 

Intermix creative is specialized in pre-productions and post productions and deliver high contents of all digitals media and prints.

The office is based in Los Angeles.

What Intermix Creatives does?

We aim to provide you a full photo and motion production and post-productions service in California, New York and Paris. The company strives to deliver an exceptional work for leading brands and top agencies. We oversee every aspect of the production process, including locations scouting, casting, permits authorization, production coordination, management, equipment rental, travel coordination and catering.


Our professional experienced team will assist you to develop your creative work. 

We specialize in all types of photography and motion productions included Commercials, advertising, Catalog and Editorial, Digital Ads...


Intermix Creatives is proud to work with clients across the US and internationally. 



- Accurate and Reliable Estimates

- Art Buyer

- Art Producer

- 24 Hour On Location Support

- Rate Negociations

- Accommodations

- Casting/Street Casting

- Crews

- Locations Scouting

- Permits

- Insurances

- Studio and Equipment Rental

- Post Production Equipment

- Travel Coordination

- Location Vehicles

- Motorhomes

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